Avro 1.11.0

The Apache Avro community is pleased to announce the release of Avro 1.11.0!

All signed release artifacts, signatures and verification instructions can be found here

This release includes 120 Jira issues, including some interesting features:

  • Specification: AVRO-3212 Support documentation tags for FIXED types
  • C#: AVRO-2961 Support dotnet framework 5.0
  • C#: AVRO-3225 Prevent memory errors when deserializing untrusted data
  • C++: AVRO-2923 Logical type corrections
  • Java: AVRO-2863 Support Avro core on android
  • Javascript: AVRO-3131 Drop support for node.js 10
  • Perl: AVRO-3190 Fix error when reading from EOF
  • Python: AVRO-2906 Improved performance validating deep record data
  • Python: AVRO-2914 Drop Python 2 support
  • Python: AVRO-3004 Drop Python 3.5 support
  • Ruby: AVRO-3108 Drop Ruby 2.5 support

For the first time, the 1.11.0 release includes experimental support for Rust. Work is continuing on this donated SDK, but we have not versioned and published official artifacts for this release.

Python: The avro package fully supports Python 3. We will no longer publish a separate avro-python3 package

And of course upgraded dependencies to latest versions, CVE fixes and more:

The link to all fixed JIRA issues and a brief summary can be found at:

In addition, language-specific release artifacts are available:

Thanks to everyone for contributing!