New committer: Zoltan Csizmadia

The Project Management Committee (PMC) for Apache Avro has invited Zoltan Csizmadia to become a committer and we are pleased to announce that he has accepted.

Zoltan has been present in the C# SDK for over two years and has really increased his activity in maintaining this language in the last few months. He knows the technology, but more importantly, he is patient and works well with those of us who rely on the expertise of others. Recently, he has been engaging with other contributors to increase the maintainability and quality of the dotnet code, and we have confidence in his decisions to balance stability of the established code and the expectations of modern C# developers.

Being a committer enables easier contribution to the project since there is no need to go via the patch submission process. This should enable better productivity.

Please join me in congratulating Zoltan on his recognition of great work thus far in our community.