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Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > Member List
This is the complete list of members for Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T >, including all inherited members.
Append(T datum)Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > [inline]
Close()Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > [inline]
Dispose() (defined in Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T >)Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > [inline]
Flush()Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > [inline]
IsReservedMeta(string key)Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > [inline]
OpenWriter(DatumWriter< T > writer, string path)Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > [inline, static]
OpenWriter(DatumWriter< T > writer, Stream outStream)Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > [inline, static]
OpenWriter(DatumWriter< T > writer, string path, Codec codec)Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > [inline, static]
OpenWriter(DatumWriter< T > writer, Stream outStream, Codec codec)Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > [inline, static]
SetMeta(String key, byte[] value)Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > [inline]
SetMeta(String key, long value)Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > [inline]
SetMeta(String key, string value)Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > [inline]
SetSyncInterval(int syncInterval)Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > [inline]
Sync()Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T > [inline]
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