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org.apache.avro.file A container file for Avro data. 

Uses of DataFileWriter in org.apache.avro.file

Methods in org.apache.avro.file that return DataFileWriter
 DataFileWriter<D> DataFileWriter.appendTo(File file)
          Open a writer appending to an existing file.
 DataFileWriter<D> DataFileWriter.create(Schema schema, File file)
          Open a new file for data matching a schema.
 DataFileWriter<D> DataFileWriter.create(Schema schema, OutputStream outs)
          Open a new file for data matching a schema.
 DataFileWriter<D> DataFileWriter.setCodec(CodecFactory c)
          Configures this writer to use the given codec.
 DataFileWriter<D> DataFileWriter.setMeta(String key, byte[] value)
          Set a metadata property.
 DataFileWriter<D> DataFileWriter.setMeta(String key, long value)
          Set a metadata property.
 DataFileWriter<D> DataFileWriter.setMeta(String key, String value)
          Set a metadata property.
 DataFileWriter<D> DataFileWriter.setMetaInternal(String key, String value)
 DataFileWriter<D> DataFileWriter.setSyncInterval(int syncInterval)
          Set the synchronization interval for this file, in bytes.

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