avro::detail::OutputIteratorHelper Struct Reference

Implements conversion from a chunk to asio::buffer. More...

#include <BufferDetailIterator.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 OutputIteratorHelper ()
 Construct a helper with an unnassigned iterator.
 OutputIteratorHelper (const BufferImpl::ChunkList::const_iterator &iter)
 Construct a helper with an iterator.
data_type * data () const
 The location of the first writable byte in this chunk.
size_type size () const
 The size of area that can be written in this chunk.

Public Attributes

BufferImpl::ChunkList::const_iterator iter_
 Conversion operator.

Detailed Description

Implements conversion from a chunk to asio::buffer.

Iterators for an OutputBuffer will iterate over the avro of chunks, so internally they contain an iterator. But the iterator needs to be convertable to an asio buffer for use in boost::asio functions. This class wraps the iterator with a cast operator to do this conversion.

Member Data Documentation

BufferImpl::ChunkList::const_iterator avro::detail::OutputIteratorHelper::iter_

Conversion operator.

It doesn't check for null, because the only the only time the chunk should be null is when it's the iterator end(), which should never be dereferenced anyway. the current iterator

Referenced by data(), and size().

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