Package org.apache.avro.tool

Avro command-line tool.


Interface Summary
Tool Command-line "avro-tools" utilities should implement this interface for delegation by Main.

Class Summary
BinaryFragmentToJsonTool Converts an input file from Avro binary into JSON.
DataFileGetSchemaTool Reads a data file to get its schema.
DataFileReadTool Reads a data file and dumps to JSON
DataFileWriteTool Reads new-line delimited JSON records and writers an Avro data file.
GenAvroTool Tool implementation for generating Avro JSON schemata from genavro format files.
JsonToBinaryFragmentTool Tool to convert JSON data into the binary form.
Main Command-line driver.
RpcReceiveTool Receives one RPC call and responds.
RpcSendTool Sends a single RPC message.

Package org.apache.avro.tool Description

Avro command-line tool.

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