Package org.apache.avro.generic

A generic representation for Avro data.


Interface Summary
GenericArray<T> Array that permits reuse of contained elements.
GenericContainer Contains data of other types.
GenericEnumSymbol An enum symbol.
GenericFixed Fixed-size data.
GenericRecord A generic instance of a record schema.
IndexedRecord A record implementation that permits field access by integer index.

Class Summary
GenericData Utilities for generic Java data.
GenericData.Array<T> Default implementation of an array.
GenericData.EnumSymbol Default implementation of GenericEnumSymbol.
GenericData.Fixed Default implementation of GenericFixed.
GenericData.Record Default implementation of GenericRecord.
GenericDatumReader<D> DatumReader for generic Java objects.
GenericDatumWriter<D> DatumWriter for generic Java objects.

Package org.apache.avro.generic Description

A generic representation for Avro data.

This representation is best for applications which deal with dynamic data, whose schemas are not known until runtime.

Avro schemas are mapped to Java types as follows:

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