Class AvroSerialization<T>

  extended by org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configured
      extended by org.apache.avro.mapred.AvroSerialization<T>
All Implemented Interfaces:
Configurable, Serialization<AvroWrapper<T>>

public class AvroSerialization<T>
extends Configured
implements Serialization<AvroWrapper<T>>

The Serialization used by jobs configured with AvroJob.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean accept(Class<?> c)
 Deserializer<AvroWrapper<T>> getDeserializer(Class<AvroWrapper<T>> c)
          Returns the specified map output deserializer.
 Serializer<AvroWrapper<T>> getSerializer(Class<AvroWrapper<T>> c)
          Returns the specified output serializer.
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getConf, setConf
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Constructor Detail


public AvroSerialization()
Method Detail


public boolean accept(Class<?> c)
Specified by:
accept in interface Serialization<AvroWrapper<T>>


public Deserializer<AvroWrapper<T>> getDeserializer(Class<AvroWrapper<T>> c)
Returns the specified map output deserializer. Defaults to the final output deserializer if no map output schema was specified.

Specified by:
getDeserializer in interface Serialization<AvroWrapper<T>>


public Serializer<AvroWrapper<T>> getSerializer(Class<AvroWrapper<T>> c)
Returns the specified output serializer.

Specified by:
getSerializer in interface Serialization<AvroWrapper<T>>

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