Avro C++
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
api/AvroParse.hh [code]Standalone parse functions for Avro types
api/AvroSerialize.hh [code]Standalone serialize functions for Avro types
api/AvroTraits.hh [code]Define an is_serializable trait for types we can serialize natively
api/Boost.hh [code]
api/Compiler.hh [code]
api/Config.hh [code]
api/DataFile.hh [code]
api/Decoder.hh [code]Low level support for decoding avro values
api/Encoder.hh [code]Low level support for encoding avro values
api/Exception.hh [code]
api/Generic.hh [code]
api/Layout.hh [code]
api/Node.hh [code]
api/NodeConcepts.hh [code]
api/NodeImpl.hh [code]
api/Parser.hh [code]
api/Reader.hh [code]
api/Resolver.hh [code]
api/ResolverSchema.hh [code]
api/ResolvingReader.hh [code]
api/Schema.hh [code]Schemas for representing all the avro types
api/SchemaResolution.hh [code]
api/Serializer.hh [code]
api/Specific.hh [code]
api/Stream.hh [code]
api/Types.hh [code]
api/Validator.hh [code]
api/ValidSchema.hh [code]
api/Writer.hh [code]
api/Zigzag.hh [code]Functions for encoding and decoding integers with zigzag compression