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Package Avro


package  File
package  Generic
package  IO
package  Properties
package  Specific


class  AvroRuntimeException
class  CodeGen
class  CodeGenException
class  CodeGenUtil
 A singleton class containing data used by codegen. More...
class  Message
class  Protocol
class  ProtocolParseException
class  ArraySchema
 Class for array type schemas. More...
class  AvroException
class  AvroTypeException
class  EnumSchema
 Class for enum type schemas. More...
class  Field
 Class for fields defined in a record. More...
class  FixedSchema
 Class for fixed schemas. More...
class  JsonHelper
class  MapSchema
 Class for map schemas. More...
class  NamedSchema
 Base class for all named schemas: fixed, enum, record. More...
class  PrimitiveSchema
 Class for schemas of primitive types. More...
class  PropertyMap
class  RecordSchema
 Class for record schemas. More...
class  Schema
 Base class for all schema types. More...
class  SchemaName
 Class to store schema name, namespace and enclosing namespace. More...
class  SchemaNames
 A class that contains a list of named schemas. This is used when reading or writing a schema/protocol. This prevents reading and writing of duplicate schema definitions within a protocol or schema file. More...
class  SchemaNormalization
 Collection of static methods for generating the cannonical form of schemas.
class  SchemaParseException
class  UnionSchema
 Class for union schemas. More...
class  UnnamedSchema
 Base class for all unnamed schemas. More...


internal delegate T Function< T > ()
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