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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Avro.Generic.PreresolvingDatumReader< T >.ArrayAccess
Avro.Generic.PreresolvingDatumWriter< T >.ArrayAccess
Avro.ArraySchemaClass for array type schemas
Avro.IO.BinaryDecoderDecoder for Avro binary format
Avro.IO.BinaryEncoderWrite leaf values
Avro.CodeGenUtilA singleton class containing data used by codegen
Avro.File.DataFileReader< T >
Avro.File.DataFileWriter< T >
Avro.Generic.DatumReader< T >
Avro.Generic.DatumWriter< T >
Avro.IO.DecoderDecoder is used to decode Avro data on a stream. There are methods to read the Avro types on the stream. There are also methods to skip items, which are usually more efficient than reading, on the stream
Avro.Generic.DefaultReaderThe default implementation for the generic reader. It constructs new .NET objects for avro objects on the stream and returns the .NET object. Users can directly use this class or, if they want to customize the object types for differnt Avro schema types, can derive from this class. There are enough hooks in this class to allow customization
Avro.Generic.DefaultWriterA General purpose writer for serializing objects into a Stream using Avro. This class implements a default way of serializing objects. But one can derive a class from this and override different methods to acheive results that are different from the default implementation
Avro.Generic.PreresolvingDatumWriter< T >.DictionaryMapAccess
Avro.Generic.PreresolvingDatumReader< T >.EnumAccess
Avro.Generic.PreresolvingDatumWriter< T >.EnumAccess
Avro.EnumSchemaClass for enum type schemas
Avro.FieldClass for fields defined in a record
Avro.Generic.PreresolvingDatumReader< T >.FixedAccess
Avro.FixedSchemaClass for fixed schemas
Avro.Generic.GenericDatumReader< T >
Avro.Generic.GenericDatumWriter< T >PreresolvingDatumWriter for writing data from GenericRecords or primitive types. For more information about performance considerations for choosing this implementation
Avro.Generic.GenericEnumThe defualt class to hold values for enum schema in GenericReader and GenericWriter
Avro.Generic.GenericFixedThe default type used by GenericReader and GenericWriter for objects for FixedSchema
Avro.Generic.GenericReader< T >A general purpose reader of data from avro streams. This can optionally resolve if the reader's and writer's schemas are different. This class is a wrapper around DefaultReader and offers a little more type safety. The default reader has the flexibility to return any type of object for each read call because the Read() method is generic. This class on the other hand can only return a single type because the type is a parameter to the class. Any user defined extension should, however, be done to DefaultReader. This class is sealed
Avro.Generic.GenericRecordThe default type used by GenericReader and GenericWriter for RecordSchema
Avro.Generic.GenericWriter< T >A typesafe wrapper around DefaultWriter. While a specific object of DefaultWriter allows the client to serialize a generic type, an object of this class allows only a single type of object to be serialized through it
Avro.IO.ICallback< T >
Avro.File.IFileReader< T >
Avro.File.IFileWriter< T >
Avro.Specific.ISpecificRecordInterface class for generated classes
Avro.Generic.PreresolvingDatumReader< T >.MapAccess
Avro.Generic.PreresolvingDatumWriter< T >.MapAccess
Avro.MapSchemaClass for map schemas
Avro.NamedSchemaBase class for all named schemas: fixed, enum, record
Avro.Generic.PreresolvingDatumReader< T >A general purpose reader of data from avro streams. This reader analyzes and resolves the reader and writer schemas when constructed so that reads can be more efficient. Once constructed, a reader can be reused or shared among threads to avoid incurring more resolution costs
Avro.Generic.PreresolvingDatumWriter< T >A general purpose writer of data from avro streams. This writer analyzes the writer schema when constructed so that writes can be more efficient. Once constructed, a writer can be reused or shared among threads to avoid incurring more resolution costs
Avro.PrimitiveSchemaClass for schemas of primitive types
Avro.Generic.PreresolvingDatumReader< T >.RecordAccess
Avro.Generic.PreresolvingDatumWriter< T >.RecordFieldWriter
Avro.RecordSchemaClass for record schemas
Avro.SchemaBase class for all schema types
Avro.SchemaNameClass to store schema name, namespace and enclosing namespace
Avro.SchemaNamesA class that contains a list of named schemas. This is used when reading or writing a schema/protocol. This prevents reading and writing of duplicate schema definitions within a protocol or schema file
Avro.Specific.SpecificDatumReader< T >
Avro.Specific.SpecificDatumWriter< T >PreresolvingDatumWriter for writing data from ISpecificRecord classes. For more information about performance considerations for choosing this implementation
Avro.Specific.SpecificDefaultReaderReader class for reading data and storing into specific classes
Avro.Specific.SpecificDefaultWriterClass for writing data from any specific objects
Avro.Specific.SpecificFixedBase class for all generated classes
Avro.Specific.SpecificReader< T >Reader wrapper class for reading data and storing into specific classes
Avro.Specific.SpecificWriter< T >Generic wrapper class for writing data from specific objects
Avro.UnionSchemaClass for union schemas
Avro.UnnamedSchemaBase class for all unnamed schemas
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