Class NettyTransportCodec

  extended by org.apache.avro.ipc.NettyTransportCodec

public class NettyTransportCodec
extends Object

Data structure, encoder and decoder classes for the Netty transport.

Nested Class Summary
static class NettyTransportCodec.NettyDataPack
          Transport protocol data structure when using Netty.
static class NettyTransportCodec.NettyFrameDecoder
          Protocol decoder which converts Netty's ChannelBuffer to NettyDataPack which contains a List<ByteBuffer> needed by Avro Responder.
static class NettyTransportCodec.NettyFrameEncoder
          Protocol encoder which converts NettyDataPack which contains the Responder's output List<ByteBuffer> to ChannelBuffer needed by Netty.
Constructor Summary
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Constructor Detail


public NettyTransportCodec()

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