Package org.apache.avro.ipc

Support for inter-process calls.


Interface Summary
Callback<T> Interface for receiving asynchronous callbacks.
Server A server listening on a port.

Class Summary
CallFuture<T> A Future implementation for RPCs.
DatagramServer A datagram-based server implementation.
DatagramTransceiver A datagram-based Transceiver implementation.
HttpServer An HTTP-based RPC Server.
HttpTransceiver An HTTP-based Transceiver implementation.
Ipc IPC utilities, including client and server factories.
LocalTransceiver Implementation of IPC that remains in process.
NettyServer A Netty-based RPC Server implementation.
NettyTransceiver A Netty-based Transceiver implementation.
NettyTransportCodec Data structure, encoder and decoder classes for the Netty transport.
NettyTransportCodec.NettyDataPack Transport protocol data structure when using Netty.
NettyTransportCodec.NettyFrameDecoder Protocol decoder which converts Netty's ChannelBuffer to NettyDataPack which contains a List<ByteBuffer> needed by Avro Responder.
NettyTransportCodec.NettyFrameEncoder Protocol encoder which converts NettyDataPack which contains the Responder's output List<ByteBuffer> to ChannelBuffer needed by Netty.
Requestor Base class for the client side of a protocol interaction.
Responder Base class for the server side of a protocol interaction.
ResponderServlet An HttpServlet that responds to Avro RPC requests.
RPCContext This class represents the context of an RPC call or RPC handshake.
RPCPlugin An instrumentation API for RPC metadata.
SaslSocketServer A Server that uses for authentication and encryption.
SaslSocketTransceiver A Transceiver that uses for authentication and encryption.
SocketServer Deprecated. use SaslSocketServer instead.
SocketTransceiver Deprecated. use SaslSocketTransceiver instead.
Transceiver Base transport class used by Requestor.

Enum Summary

Package org.apache.avro.ipc Description

Support for inter-process calls.

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