Package org.apache.avro.tool

Avro command-line tool.


Interface Summary
Tool Command-line "avro-tools" utilities should implement this interface for delegation by Main.

Class Summary
BinaryFragmentToJsonTool Converts an input file from Avro binary into JSON.
DataFileGetSchemaTool Reads a data file to get its schema.
DataFileReadTool Reads a data file and dumps to JSON
DataFileWriteTool Reads new-line delimited JSON records and writers an Avro data file.
FromTextTool Reads a text file into an Avro data file.
IdlTool Tool implementation for generating Avro JSON schemata from idl format files.
InduceSchemaTool Utility to induce a schema from a class or a protocol from an interface.
JsonToBinaryFragmentTool Tool to convert JSON data into the binary form.
Main Command-line driver.
RecodecTool Tool to alter the codec of an Avro data file.
RpcReceiveTool Receives one RPC call and responds.
RpcSendTool Sends a single RPC message.
SpecificCompilerTool A Tool for compiling avro protocols or schemas to Java classes using the Avro SpecificCompiler.
ToTextTool Reads an avro data file into a plain text file.

Package org.apache.avro.tool Description

Avro command-line tool.

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