Package org.apache.avro.specific

Generate specific Java classes for schemas and protocols.


Interface Summary
SpecificDatumReader.SchemaConstructable Tag interface that indicates that a class has a one-argument constructor that accepts a Schema.
SpecificRecord Implemented by generated record classes.

Class Summary
SpecificData Utilities for generated Java classes and interfaces.
SpecificDatumReader<T> DatumReader for generated Java classes.
SpecificDatumWriter<T> DatumWriter for generated Java classes.
SpecificFixed Base class for generated fixed-sized data classes.
SpecificRecordBase Base class for generated record classes.

Exception Summary
SpecificExceptionBase Base class for specific exceptions.

Annotation Types Summary
FixedSize Declares the size of implementations of GenericFixed.

Package org.apache.avro.specific Description

Generate specific Java classes for schemas and protocols.

This API is recommended for most RPC uses and for data applications that always use the same datatypes, i.e., whose schemas are known at compile time. For data applications that accept dynamic datatypes the generic API is recommended.

Avro types are mapped to Java as follows:

Note that when a generated class is not found corresponding to a record, enum or fixed schema, a generic representation is used. This permits generated classes to be nested within generic data structures.

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