Package org.apache.avro

Avro kernel classes.


Class Summary
Protocol A set of messages forming an application protocol.
Schema An abstract data type.
Schema.Field A field within a record.
Schema.Parser A parser for JSON-format schemas.

Enum Summary
Schema.Field.Order How values of this field should be ordered when sorting records.
Schema.Type The type of a schema.

Exception Summary
AvroRemoteException Base class for exceptions thrown to client by server.
AvroRuntimeException Base Avro exception.
AvroTypeException Thrown when an illegal type is used.
SchemaParseException Thrown for errors parsing schemas and protocols.
UnresolvedUnionException Thrown when the expected contents of a union cannot be resolved.

Package org.apache.avro Description

Avro kernel classes.

A Schema provides an abstract definition of a data type.

The in-memory representation of data is determined by DatumReader and DatumWriter implementations. Generic implementations are provided in the org.apache.avro.generic package. A compiler can generate specific java classes and interfaces for schemas and protocols. Schemas may be automatically generated for existing Java classes by reflection using the org.apache.avro.reflect package.

Data of a given schema is always serialized identically, regardless of its in-memory representation, by traversing the schema and writing leaf values from the data structure with a Encoder. Deserializing similarly proceeds by traversing the schema, reading leaf values with a Decoder and storing them in an in-memory data structure.

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