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Avro.File.DataFileConstants Class Reference

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Public Attributes

const string MetaDataSync = "avro.sync"
const string MetaDataCodec = "avro.codec"
const string MetaDataSchema = "avro.schema"
const string NullCodec = "null"
const string DeflateCodec = "deflate"
const string MetaDataReserved = "avro"
const int Version = 1
const int NullCodecHash = 2
const int DeflateCodecHash = 0
const int SyncSize = 16
const int DefaultSyncInterval = 4000 * SyncSize

Static Public Attributes

static byte[] Magic

Member Data Documentation

byte [] Avro.File.DataFileConstants.Magic [static]
Initial value:
 { (byte)'O', 
                                       (byte)Version }

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