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avro::DataFileWriterBase Class Reference

Type-independent portion of DataFileWriter. More...

#include <DataFile.hh>

Inheritance diagram for avro::DataFileWriterBase:

Public Member Functions

Encoderencoder () const
 Returns the current encoder for this writer.
void syncIfNeeded ()
 Returns true if the buffer has sufficient data for a sync to be inserted.
void incr ()
 Increments the object count.
 DataFileWriterBase (const char *filename, const ValidSchema &schema, size_t syncInterval, Codec codec=NULL_CODEC)
 Constructs a data file writer with the given sync interval and name.
void close ()
 Closes the current file. More...
const ValidSchemaschema () const
 Returns the schema for this data file.
void flush ()
 Flushes any unwritten data into the file.

Detailed Description

Type-independent portion of DataFileWriter.

At any given point in time, at most one file can be written using this object.

Member Function Documentation

void avro::DataFileWriterBase::close ( )

Closes the current file.

Once closed this datafile object cannot be used for writing any more.

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