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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NavroA bunch of templates and specializations for encoding and decoding specific types
 NconceptsThe concept classes are used to simplify NodeImpl
 CNameIndexConcept< MultiAttribute< std::string > >
 Ccodec_traitsCodec_traits tells avro how to encode and decode an object of given type
 Ccodec_traits< bool >Codec_traits for Avro boolean
 Ccodec_traits< boost::array< uint8_t, N > >Codec_traits for Avro fixed
 Ccodec_traits< double >Codec_traits for Avro double
 Ccodec_traits< float >Codec_traits for Avro float
 Ccodec_traits< GenericDatum >Specialization of codec_traits for GenericDatum
 Ccodec_traits< int32_t >Codec_traits for Avro int
 Ccodec_traits< int64_t >Codec_traits for Avro long
 Ccodec_traits< std::map< std::string, T > >Codec_traits for Avro maps
 Ccodec_traits< std::pair< ValidSchema, GenericDatum > >Specialization of codec_traits for Generic datum along with its schema
 Ccodec_traits< std::string >Codec_traits for Avro string
 Ccodec_traits< std::vector< T > >Codec_traits for Avro arrays
 Ccodec_traits< std::vector< uint8_t > >Codec_traits for Avro bytes
 CDataFileReaderReads the contents of data file one after another
 CDataFileReaderBaseThe type independent portion of rader
 CDataFileWriterAn Avro datafile that can store objects of type T
 CDataFileWriterBaseType-independent portion of DataFileWriter
 CDecoderDecoder is an interface implemented by every decoder capable of decoding Avro data
 CEncoderThe abstract base class for all Avro encoders
 CExceptionWrapper for std::runtime_error that provides convenience constructor for boost::format objects
 CGenericArrayThe generic container for Avro arrays
 CGenericContainerThe base class for all generic type for containers
 CGenericDatumGeneric datum which can hold any Avro type
 CGenericEnumGeneric container for Avro enum
 CGenericFixedGeneric container for Avro fixed
 CGenericMapThe generic container for Avro maps
 CGenericReaderA utility class to read generic datum from decoders
 CGenericRecordThe generic container for Avro records
 CGenericUnionGeneric container for unions
 CGenericWriterA utility class to write generic datum to encoders
 CInputStreamA no-copy input stream
 CNodeNode is the building block for parse trees
 CNodeImplImplementation details for Node
 CNullDefine a type to identify Null in template functions
 COutputStreamA no-copy output stream
 CParserClass that wraps a reader or ValidatingReade with an interface that uses explicit get* names instead of getValue
 CReaderImplParses from an avro encoding to the requested type
 CResolvingDecoderResolvingDecoder is derived from Decoder, with an additional function to obtain the field ordering of fiedls within a record
 CSchemaThe root Schema object is a base class. Nobody constructs this class directly
 CSerializerClass that wraps a Writer or ValidatingWriter with an interface that uses explicit write* names instead of writeValue
 CStreamReaderA convenience class for reading from an InputStream
 CStreamWriterA convinience class to write data into an OutputStream
 CValidatorThis class is used by both the ValidatingSerializer and ValidationParser objects
 CValidSchemaA ValidSchema is basically a non-mutable Schema that has passed some minumum of sanity checks
 CWriterImplClass for writing avro data to a stream