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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cavro::codec_traits< T >Codec_traits tells avro how to encode and decode an object of given type
 Cavro::codec_traits< bool >Codec_traits for Avro boolean
 Cavro::codec_traits< boost::array< uint8_t, N > >Codec_traits for Avro fixed
 Cavro::codec_traits< double >Codec_traits for Avro double
 Cavro::codec_traits< float >Codec_traits for Avro float
 Cavro::codec_traits< GenericDatum >Specialization of codec_traits for GenericDatum
 Cavro::codec_traits< int32_t >Codec_traits for Avro int
 Cavro::codec_traits< int64_t >Codec_traits for Avro long
 Cavro::codec_traits< std::map< std::string, T > >Codec_traits for Avro maps
 Cavro::codec_traits< std::pair< ValidSchema, GenericDatum > >Specialization of codec_traits for Generic datum along with its schema
 Cavro::codec_traits< std::string >Codec_traits for Avro string
 Cavro::codec_traits< std::vector< T > >Codec_traits for Avro arrays
 Cavro::codec_traits< std::vector< uint8_t > >Codec_traits for Avro bytes
 Cavro::DecoderDecoder is an interface implemented by every decoder capable of decoding Avro data
 Cavro::ResolvingDecoderResolvingDecoder is derived from Decoder, with an additional function to obtain the field ordering of fiedls within a record
 Cavro::EncoderThe abstract base class for all Avro encoders
 Cavro::GenericContainerThe base class for all generic type for containers
 Cavro::GenericArrayThe generic container for Avro arrays
 Cavro::GenericEnumGeneric container for Avro enum
 Cavro::GenericFixedGeneric container for Avro fixed
 Cavro::GenericMapThe generic container for Avro maps
 Cavro::GenericRecordThe generic container for Avro records
 Cavro::GenericUnionGeneric container for unions
 Cavro::GenericDatumGeneric datum which can hold any Avro type
 Cboost::integral_constant< T, val >
 Cavro::is_promotable< T >
 Cavro::is_serializable< T >
 Cavro::concepts::MultiAttribute< Attribute >
 Cavro::concepts::NameIndexConcept< T >
 Cavro::concepts::NameIndexConcept< LeafNamesConcept >
 Cavro::concepts::NameIndexConcept< MultiAttribute< std::string > >
 Cavro::concepts::NoAttribute< Attribute >
 Cavro::DataFileReader< T >Reads the contents of data file one after another
 Cavro::DataFileReaderBaseThe type independent portion of rader
 Cavro::DataFileWriter< T >An Avro datafile that can store objects of type T
 Cavro::DataFileWriterBaseType-independent portion of DataFileWriter
 Cavro::GenericReaderA utility class to read generic datum from decoders
 Cavro::GenericWriterA utility class to write generic datum to encoders
 Cavro::InputStreamA no-copy input stream
 Cavro::NodeNode is the building block for parse trees
 Cavro::NodeImpl< NameConcept, LeavesConcept, LeafNamesConcept, SizeConcept >Implementation details for Node
 Cavro::OutputStreamA no-copy output stream
 Cavro::Parser< Reader >Class that wraps a reader or ValidatingReade with an interface that uses explicit get* names instead of getValue
 Cavro::ReaderImpl< ValidatorType >Parses from an avro encoding to the requested type
 Cavro::Serializer< Writer >Class that wraps a Writer or ValidatingWriter with an interface that uses explicit write* names instead of writeValue
 Cavro::ValidatorThis class is used by both the ValidatingSerializer and ValidationParser objects
 Cavro::WriterImpl< ValidatorType >Class for writing avro data to a stream
 Cavro::ReaderImpl< NullValidator >
 Cavro::WriterImpl< NullValidator >
 Cavro::NullDefine a type to identify Null in template functions
 Cboost::ptr_vector< T >
 Cboost::ptr_vector< avro::Layout >
 Cavro::ExceptionWrapper for std::runtime_error that provides convenience constructor for boost::format objects
 Cavro::SchemaThe root Schema object is a base class. Nobody constructs this class directly
 Cavro::concepts::SingleAttribute< Attribute >
 Cavro::StreamReaderA convenience class for reading from an InputStream
 Cavro::StreamWriterA convinience class to write data into an OutputStream
 Cavro::type_to_avro< T >
 Cavro::ValidSchemaA ValidSchema is basically a non-mutable Schema that has passed some minumum of sanity checks